What we do

Here at The Skin Shrink we believe that great products and content solves business problems, creates value and drives growth. Our small team has a background in Cosmetics, Science and Beauty, approaching the industry from a rather scientific angle to create unified branding, e-commerce, and product solutions that bring you long-term success.

How we work

Industry knowledge

Our ability to create sensational content and products comes from our considerable industry knowledge and are able to write a whole host of copy that is universal and make products that will effectively deliver results.


Some of us here at The Skin Shrink specialise in formulating skincare and cosmetics. We believe, there is nothing better than having professionals which work and breathe the ingredients write professional copy. Not only do we know about the scientific and proven benefits of each and every ingredient available but we also know what works well and what doesn’t.

Creative Business

We have a professional team with outstanding creative skills in writing copy and formulating new and existing products, we enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, have the ability to work autonomously and display sensational drive to help brands succeed. 

Our Clients
Our Story

The Skin Shrink was founded by London based Cosmetic Scientist, Fai. Attempting to quantify different product and service attributes in the phenomenal skincare industry, Fai named the agency after the need of providing a platform where all brand in-house skincare matters was evidently required, in a tailored manner to suit every kind of brand available and fulfilled by professionals at The Skin Shrink. Ten years of industry experience, The Skin Shrink continues to maintain and build long-lasting relationships with some of the world’s most iconic brands.

Strengthen your brand, build loyalty and drive revenue.

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