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The Skin Shrink Consultancy work closely with brands from the global cosmetics and personal care industry. Founded with the belief that all your digital and in-house skin related formulation, consulting and cosmetically compliant copy needs are met under one roof, by a dedicated team of experienced professionals with unmatched industry knowledge that will help create solutions that succeed.

Drive traffic and engagement with content that performs and products that deliver
driving content strategy

We use a collaborative approach with our clients to come up with and develop creative ideas into written concepts. In return, we create copy that sells approved strategies, B2B and concepts both internally and externally.

Engaging CONTENT

We create engaging content that generates a true value exchange with your customers. Producing high quality copy across several channels including press releases, editorials, speeches etc.

proof reading

We help present the brand uniformly across all content platforms and ensure the highest standard throughout all content is met. Make a great first impression!

Compliant copy

We adhere to Cosmetic Regulations of the European Union (EU), (EC) 1223/2009, Post-Brexit, US and worldwide.


We follow and maintain client-specific brand voice across projects for each and every client.

Our Services

Where all your skin related formulation, consulting and copy needs are met, from proprietary formulations, product descriptions to articles. We have you covered! Work with Top Quality professionals trusted by the World’s leading brands.


Underpinned by innovation and characterised by high competitiveness we help manage new product formulations digitally that fulfil real-time consumer demands to expand into new product categories. Delivering a stunning and effective product formulation with otpimal results!


Formulation Review of an existing formulation by ensuring ingredients are compatible with each other. Advising on ways to meet the needs of the conscious consumer and improving the formulation of existing products.

Website content

With an unrivalled track record, reap the benefits of our expert knowledge to smooth out the imperfections of your website with a results-driven approach. Clear, SEO ready and creative content for your website. We understand the importance of using keywords that your target audience actually search for.


Create blog articles for your website, for placement on other sites or for social handles. We develop creative copy for dedicated brands that scales across commercial and social channels. Strap lines, body text, brochure copy, direct mail.


Newsletters are imperative in taking your brand marketing to the next level. We perfect email newsletters to increase awareness of products and services to new and existing customers. A cost-effective medium used to boost business.

product descriptions

We write enticing professional product pages that will generate sales. Supplying your customers with important information about the features and benefits of a product so they’re compelled to buy.

marketing material

Strategically crafted to motivate your visitors to sign up for your emails, We create and edit copy for regions to support their local market activity. Developing copy for multiple channels across company brands.

product labels and packaging

Before printing or producing packaging, we edit and proofread it in order to verify the typography. We ensure the copy that goes onto cosmetic packaging and labels are compliant with worldwide regulations and adhere to cosmetic guidelines and correctly listed INCI.

media copy

We focus on your communication needs and objectives and adapts to your target market’s terminology, in keeping with your strategy. Targeted copywriting will ensure that each word conveys the right idea, with the right audience, and contributes to creating profitable opportunities.

logo design and reBRAND IMAGE

Targeted copywriting is necessary for controlling the influence your written material has on the market and on your brand image. Here at The Skin Shrink we collaborate with leading designers to help envisage your brand perfectly.

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The Skin Shrink® is an independent Agency for Cosmetics and Beauty brands all around the world.

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